«4th Teaching and learning activity»

In its «4th teaching-learning activity» MEYE participants moved to Celje, a Slovenian city that the Spanish and Portuguese had the opportunity to discover.

On this occasion, in addition to specialist professors Ana Ancheta and Carlos Segura, Małgorzata Żytko, professor at the University of Warsaw, joined the activity.

This last teaching and learning activity took place between 9 and 13 May 2022, when the students again designed and implemented logical-mathematical activities for children aged 2 to 6, this time at «Zarja» kindergarten. It was the las pilot-test of the project.

A very special activity was the visit to the «tree house». The Slovenian teachers showed numerous possibilities of logical-mathematical activities in nature for children: mandalas with natural elements, nature bingo, etc.


Another interesting place was the museum «Tecno park». It includes a variety of science and mathematics activities which allowed the students to get to know mathematical resources.



In the leisure time, the students and the teachers visited places as the «Postojna cave» and the «Celje castle».

The last day, the host partners prepared in the school cafeteria an emotional farewell with delicious typical food and music.

The week was as wonderful as the farewell was sad. The students reiterated the satisfaction of being part of a project that has offered them so many possibilities.


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