Intellectual Products


A deep analysis with proposals of improvement will be done in both, the curriculum of VET Childood educators and Early Years Education in Slovenia, Portugal and Spain.

The product will have two parts, a first common one where the curriculums of the three countries will be analysed identifying those contents related to mathematics. Weaknesses and strengths will be analysed. The second part will be specific for each country and will have a proposal to improve and restructure the elements of the curriculum.

This product will be made in several languages: Spanish, English, Slovenian and Portuguese.

Estimated date: June 2020


MEYE GUIDE is the last and the most important final product of this project and will be the result of the pilot activities done with Early Years children in the participant countries. The methodology to create this guide will be based on a series of research-action tasks where proposals are suggested and put into practice with the target group (children in nursery schools/kindergartens)   with the aim of reaching a final product that allows a deep approach of all the ways to deal with mathematics at this stage. After each pilot activity the proposals will be reviewed and remade according to the results obtained, testing them again in the following international activity.

The guide will have two parts. A first general part for all the countries and a second one with specific instructions according the context and educational background of each country. At the same time, it will be divided into stages (from 0 to 3 and from 3 to 6) and also into ages in each stage.

Besides the global approach and the implementation of mathematics in the daily routine, the guide will be add proposals of specific activities to reinforce the mathematical contents classifying the proposals into the different stages.

The guide does not aim at developing specific materials for mathematical contents. It will suggest (for each age and concept) the type of materials that can be used, how to use them and the goals that can be reached with them.

This product will be made in several languages: Spanish, English, Slovenian, Portuguese and Polish.

Estimated date: June 2021


A training program about mathematics and its didactics will be designed. It will be aimed to professionals of Early Years Education and teachers and students of VET in Early Years Education in order to learn the basic notions about mathematics and its didactics in 0-6-year-olds. This course will have two modalities: face-to-face and  online..

The course will be part of the training offer provided by CEFIRE in Comunitat Valenciana in both modalities and it will also be available though the MEYE website. The course will allow participants to receive basic training about mathematics in this stage and it will be the starting point to later use the other product of the project called “MEYE GUIDE”.

This product will be made in several languages: spanish, english, eslovenian, portuguese and polish.

Estimated date: June 2020